Barcelona 2021

Last year my vision changed a lot compared to the two years before that. This is the case because, during my final bachelor’s project, I came in contact with people that have different interests and experiences. Also, I was on an exchange this last year, and the teaching at Elisava (the university of my exchange) was very different from the teaching of the TU/e. The courses are similar, however, they don’t use the different expertise areas and during every course, you just have to focus on the course instead of focusing on the expertise areas. Also, the teaching was done in small groups and it was more like the teacher was part of your group, which helped me understand the material a lot better.

I believe in designs that are sustainable, this also comes back in my professional identity. Not only should designs be sustainable but they also should be innovative, and serve the needs of the users at that moment. Designs should be sustainable because designers could have a huge impact on the environment with their designs. And because we have to look at the future the impact on the environment should be positive. For example, I believe you could have a bigger impact if you decide to go work at a company that isn’t yet environment friendly instead of joining a company that is. That way if you design something that is environment friendly you can turn the company around and have a bigger impact.

These days technology is already growing by the day, but with these new technologies, there are also a lot of ethical questions that have to be answered. Before releasing new technology into the world, the designers of that technology should have thought about the ethical side of this technology. A lot of technology will take a bit of the privacy of the people who use it. I believe that we should be really careful with the privacy question and try to avoid taking the privacy of the users as much as possible. Not everybody is okay with the fact that a lot of companies use their personal information, that’s why we should consider this ethical question. Maybe we should give users the choice if companies can use their personal information.

My vision of design is also that it should blend in with someone’s daily life, it should be subtle and don’t let someone’s daily routine get completely turned upside down. I believe that because if a product disrupts someone’s daily routine completely people will be way less eager to buy the product. Here also the user involvement in the design process plays a part. I envision that within the design process the user should be involved, this can be done by for example doing interviews or a co-create session with the protentional user of a design. The user should have a positive experience when using the design I created.